Copywriting and Research Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between copywriting and technical writing?

Copywriting is any writing that is used for the purposes of increasing brand awareness, advertising or marketing. This can include: PR, blogs, social media posts, magazine articles and direct mail. Technical writing on the other hand, writes to inform and explain rather than to persuade. My specialist area is in technical writing. I write informative articles, product descriptions and technical content.


Q: Is there a difference between copywriting and content writing?

There isn’t a difference between copywriting and content writing, but content writing is usually used to refer to content that it completed to populate websites.


Q: What kinds of research do you undertake and how is this useful to my business/organisation?

I can undertake:

  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Creative Research Methods
  • Textual Analysis
  • Literary Analysis: New Historicism, Feminist Analysis, Queer Theory, Formalism, Marxism, Post-Structuralist Criticism and Reader Responses Theory.

For more information about each of these methods, see my Research page. I also wrote a blog post about how qualitative research might be useful to your organisation.


Q: How do I know if you are the right person to complete my project?

I specialise in technical and academic writing. Generally, any writing that requires precision, attention to detail and research. I also offer research services and can utilise qualitative and quantitative methodologies. However, I do not work exhaustively in these areas. Examples of work that I have completed in the past can be found on my Portfolio page. If you have further questions please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Q: What qualifications do you have?

I have a PhD. in Pre-Raphaelite and Working-Class Poetry, an MLitt. in Victorian Literature and a BA. Hons. 1st in English and American Literature. I have also recently undertaken a ‘Team Leadership’ Business Qualification to help me to better understand the needs of organisations.


Q: How much do you charge for copywriting and research?

I charge a fair price for my services based upon my experience and the guidelines set out by the Professional Copywriters’ Network.

The price that I charge may vary depending upon the complexity of the work that you require. For instance, I would charge more for report writing than for a blog post which requires minimal research. Academic research and writing is also charged at a higher rate. For full details see my Pricing page.


Q: Can you also undertake proofreading and copy-editing projects?

Yes, I can undertake proofreading and copy-editing work. I specialise in academic proof-reading and copy editing. If you would like more information about these services, please contact me. Or, for more information please visit my Proofreading and Copy Editing page. Please note that I also offer a similar Academic Proofreading service to College and University Students.


Q: What is the process for hiring you?

When you initially contact me through email, social media or through a phone enquiry, I will set up a phone consultation to discuss your needs and give an indicative quotation. After this consultation I will send you a brief questionnaire to confirm your requirements. In the case of a copywriting brief, I will ask questions about the length of the piece, tone of voice, audience and intended outcomes, as well as requesting as specific content information. I will then produce a proposal which will include a final quotation.

If this is accepted by the client, I may then request a deposit and ask for a contract to be signed before commencing work on the brief.  For smaller jobs, a client will need to agree to my terms and conditions. Once this is agreed upon, I will begin work on your project within the time-frame agreed.


Q: Do you work with international clients?

Yes, since it is possible to organise all work over the phone, via Skype or email. Completed projects can be forwarded by email. Please note that all payments from international clients need to be sent to my Paypal account.  


Q: Would we need to meet in person to discuss the project?

It is not necessary to meet in person since all arrangements can be made via phone calls, Skype and email. If you live in the Stoke-on-Trent area and would like to meet, I am happy to arrange this. This initial meeting is free of charge.


Q: When can you start working on the project and how long will it take to complete?

When I am able to start work on your project depends upon my prior work commitments. However, I can usually start within two weeks. I can sometimes take on urgent work, but this may incur an extra charge and again depends upon my other commitments.

The amount of time that a project will take to complete will depend upon its complexity and the volume of research and writing that it involves. For instance, a small number of blog posts could be turned around in less than a week, whilst a research project that requires considerable reading and analysis could take a month or so. I will discuss project timings as part of my initial consultation with you and we will agree a deadline which suits you.