I charge a fair price for my services based upon my experience and the guidelines set out by the Professional Copywriters’ Network and The Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

The price that I charge may vary depending upon the complexity of the work that you require. For instance, I would charge more for report writing than for a blog post which requires minimal research. Academic research and writing is also charged at a higher rate.

A higher fee will also be due on work which requires a quick turn around. However, this will not always be possible due to my other writing commitments.


Please note that I may ask for a 25% deposit from new clients before I am able to commence work on your project. Larger projects may be broken down into milestones and a payment will be due at each of these stages.

I understand that it is useful for businesses to plan ahead and so I charge for my services on a ‘per project’ basis rather than using an hourly rate. This project fee will include all project management – including setting out and agreeing upon the initial brief, research and development, content writing and two rounds of edits.

For a quote for your project please contact me via the information on my Contact page.